Kitten Mittens Project

Kitten Mittens Project

Monday, August 29, 2011


So after getting back from South Africa I've been pretty busy. Work has been taking up a fair bit of my time which is rough but its just one of those things that has to happen. While I was away my middle fingers on both hands became quite sore. I think it's an over use injury from 2 years of climbing with no more then a weeks break. I haven't climbed since being back which has been hard but well worth it. Fingers are starting to feel goodish, probably 2 weeks before I pull on to super easy traversing and vertical stuff. It looks like I'll be moving down to the bluies soon!!! Waiting to finish the job I'm on at the moment which will be in about a months time then I'll pack the car and get down there. A vague plan is to get down there and find some work locally and just have a ball in a beautiful part of the country.

On a side note I was rear ended on Friday afternoon by a Mitsubishi Pajero with a big ass bull bar. Everyone was ok but my poor old Volvo which in its 37yrs had never been in a crash, is in a bit of a state. Cosmetically its not too bad but there's something a miss underneath. Hopefully it can all be sorted in time for bluies. Serious cog in my plan if something major has happened.

Photos from rocklands are becoming a little annoying to get sorted. We just have so many and to swap them and get through them all is proving to take a while. Pat reckons he's close to getting the trip vid done though so I'll post that when its up. Stay tuned. Here's the trailer.

Rocklands Trailer from Panda Prod. on Vimeo.

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