Kitten Mittens Project

Kitten Mittens Project

Friday, March 9, 2012

A good saturday

So the gang of four, Thom, Jay, Amanda and I, headed back out to DF this morning. Although walking in was pretty warm, once we stepped over the edge for the rap in it was very nice. Cool in the shade and a nice constant breeze giving the air some nip. After the warm ups I got back on Grey Area. I got up to the rest and was feeling good. I had a moment midway through the crux where I thought it was all off. I wasn't high enough up on the undercling and the nipple seemed miles away. Screw it!! Just reach up and give it some curry. I clawed the nipple and suddenly thought, shit, here we go, dont screw up. Right foot up, get set and huck for the jug. I let out a victory yelp and clipped the anchors. Psyched. 5 goes in the end. It seems a little soft, but it is 2 moves after about 28/9 climbing and I guess the moves are my style. But all in all it doesn't matter. It was fun =). Afterwards I had a play up Rhythm and Stealth and got a bit of a sequence happening. It's pretty rad too and I'm keen to get back on!!

Victory jug. Photo: Jay Trent

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  1. Nice work on GA and MA man! Inspiring stuff! Keep flying the maroon flag in them mountains of blue. Don't neglect your blog as some of us actually read it and get a bit psyched too!