Kitten Mittens Project

Kitten Mittens Project

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Something to start with

Ok. It's taken a while to pull my finger out but finally I've made a blog. It'll be about climbing and mates. Two things that keep me going =). I'll do my best to keep it up to date so check back every now and then for something to read and pics and vids to look at.

Climbing lately has been awesome for me. I went to China with Pinnacle Sport in november last year for the best climbing I've ever experienced. It was insane and everyone needs to put Yangshuo on their destination list!!

Here's a little trip report i wrote up a little while ago:

In late November and early December I spent 2 weeks climbing in Yangshuo, China with Pinnacle sports. It’s one of the best climbing trips I’ve ever done. I flew into Hong Kong and spent a few days taking in the sights. We snuck a days climbing in at Beacon Hill, which is a great little crag. The climbing in Honk Kong is not solely worth the trip, but is definitely worth looking at if your travelling through to China.

View from Moon Hill
Driving into Yangshuo on the bus is surreal. There are literally 1000’s of limestone towers EVERYWHERE. Of these 1000’s of towers there are only 38 established crags, and according to the local climbers if you want to bolt it you can. The potential over there is ridiculous; enough for 7 lifetimes of 5 star climbing.

Each morning we woke up had an awesome breakfast jumped into the bus and cruised to another awesome crag. From Yangshuo almost all crags are less then 15min away. All the crags are insane, you just want to climb everyday. I did this for the first 6 days =s. On the 6th day we went to Chicken Cave, which is some sort of old army shelter from back in the day. I got completely shut down on a 26 and knew I needed a proper rest.

I went to White Mountain twice on the trip. It is the best cliff I have ever seen in my life, and with routes from 20 to Ethan Pringle's new 34 its got something for almost everyone. On one of the trips to White Mountain, Owen and I decided to try our luck against the Yangshuo traffic on Scooters. I’m surprised there aren’t 37 crashes each afternoon over there. The Chinese drivers are nuts, but it all somehow works.

WHITE MOUNTAIN!!! You could drive your bike into the cliff if you wanted too. How's that for a walk in.

The day at Moon Hill was also a highlight. Its an amazing arch at the top of a hill amidst 1000's of plugs of limestone. The climbing there ranges from almost vertical to absolute roof and has a grades span similar to White Mountain.
Moon Hill

Early morning Yangshuo
Someone in our group summed up Yangshuo as China’s Queenstown. He wasn’t far wrong. It’s such a peaceful and cruisy place. There’s a really nice vibe everywhere you go. If you’re not up for a climb you can hire a bike for 20c and ride around all day. Or take a boat down the river or walk up a few of the limestone towers for a crazy good view.

At the end of the trip I’d onsighted 9 routes between 26 and 30 and redpointed a 28 and 29.

I was stoked after the 10 days. No way I thought it was going to be that good. To anyone thinking about their next climbing trip destination; do yourself a favour and get to Yangshuo. The trip with Pinnacle was just insane. Your biggest worry for the trip is if you’ve set your alarm clock for the next morning so you can get up and crank out more classic routes in a stunning setting.

As I said before I'll do my best to keep something fresh happening here so check back!! I am taking a bit of a break at the moment though. Big year ahead!! There's plenty in South East Queensland on my tick list for this year. Plus a trip to Rocklands, South Africa is looking promising!!!

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