Kitten Mittens Project

Kitten Mittens Project

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Matt, Pat, Tara and I are now in Rocklands!!! It's crazy. There is soooo much rock. The photos you see of a hill side covered in rock is only 5% of what is actually here. We got into Capetown on Wednesday and it was raining and cold. It was a bit of a horror drive up to Rocklands but we were psyched all the same. Matt and I went for a boulder that arvo, just on some easy stuff, and the rock was great. Thursday we went to the Plateau boulders and Arc Valley. Matt and I both did Minki, V7 and Pat did Feist, V4 before we moved over to Arch Valley. Tara unfortunately ignited an old hip injury so wasn't able to climb for the rest of the day. Matt and I both did a few boulders between V6-8. I also onsighted Arch Baby, V8, which I was pretty happy with.

Yesterday we headed to Fields of Joy. There are heaps of great boulders there. Matt onsighted Maniac V7 which was really cool. I could barely do the moves and just gave up. It was a sloper problem, I am shit on slopers!! Pat did Sneak, V5 and was pretty happy with it. His hardest tick of the trip so far. After that we headed round to Dirty Lies boulder where Matt and I both flashed Dirty Lies, V7. We then tried No Late Tenders, V10, with a dude from Germany called Fabi (most probably spelt wrong). We worked through all the moves and Fabi sent it 1st go after unlocking the sequence. Matt came very close but no cigar and I gave up because the holds were too sharp for my wrecked fingers. Matt and I headed over to try Macho King V10. Its a really cool overhung line where you basically crimp in a crack formed from this weird block that creates the line. I had one go from the start and fell half way. I thought the climbing through the crack would be much easier. But after working out all the moves I had another go from the start and got it. It was the first time I did the last move, which is also the crux. Its a weird throw behind your head to a small shelf, on the tip of the overhang, from an undercling and horror sloper.

Today we had a well timed rest day. Fingers are shot and it was rainy and cold. Although every day is cold. We've woken up to ice on the car!!! Crazy for Brissy people. We just sat at home with a fire, climbing movies and green tea. It was great. Roadside is our destination for tomorrow. There's heaps of uber classic lines there and we are all pretty psyched.

Macho King V10

Macho King
Macho King
Macho King

Pat on his trip proj. Gegen den wind, V7

Ohhh yeah Matty knows where its at

The view from our house for the next month

Fields of Joy view

Pat getting ready to shoot Matt flash Dirty Lies, V7

Matt on Dirty Lies

Dirty Lies

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