Kitten Mittens Project

Kitten Mittens Project

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


On Tuesday I went back out with Lee for one last effort on The Singularity. It was a beautiful winters day. Crisp and not a cloud in the sky. It was however, very windy at the cliff, but in the calm it was great. After the warm ups I went up Singu and gave everything a brush and climbed all the moves except for the cruz, just getting my self warm for it. Then belayed Lee on his proj, where he made a high point. Lee had bought some tiny heat packs (half the size of a iPhone)and he put one in his chalk bag, so each time you chalked up you got a little warmth. On the windy days at Pulpit frozen fingers can be killer. He came off but was stocked that the heat packs worked a treat. I chucked one in my chalk bag and tied in. I got to the crux feeling the same as the 9 previous times I'd climbed to it. But suddenly my right hand just moved in slow motion to the crimp, hitting it perfectly. Reach for the pinch, half a doubt about the move to the slopper then throw and catch. I was psyched. It always feels great to climb a route well.

Lee did even better again on his next two attempts on his proj. It's weird saying high point for this. The last few times his high point has been hanging off the same holds, but each time his hanging slighty longer and moving his body and feet ready for the next move. I really think he's definitely strong enough to do the route while I'm away. Good luck bud!!!


Here's a cool vid Lee made of a bit of my journey on the route.

Tom O'Halloran - The Singularity 32/8b+ from Upskill Climbing on Vimeo.

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