Kitten Mittens Project

Kitten Mittens Project

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cold, Heat Rash.... Schadenfreude kinda makes sense

Today was a great day out at the Pulpit. Seven of us went out there all super psyched. Everyone had a warm up then Nate got on Countdown, 26 and crushed it for the onsight. It's a really good route but hard to read. There's weird rocks jutting out and little scoops up the route that can draw you in and spit you off. It was Nate's first 26 onsight!!

I got back on Schadenfreude, 31, which I was trying last week. Its a super bouldery route Lee put up 2 years earlier. Schadenfreude basically means taking joy from someones sorrows. People had been ripping into me all week about my cold and heat rash, hence the title. The route has an easy few moves to a rest then gets serious with an extremely sustained 13 move boulder problem on small crimps and awkward underclings on reasonably overhung wall. It climbs really well. I got all the moves on my first burn last week but it took another 5 goes to get it clean. One go today involved plumetting to the deck when the jug I was resting on at the start ripped off =S. Pretty spooky.

There's some cool pics and a movie Lee shot to come!!! Stay posted =)

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