Kitten Mittens Project

Kitten Mittens Project

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

States and Rocklands

The QLD state titles are on in month so I've started to do a bit of training again. I have had a slow start to the year, but it feels good to rest up a bit. It's given my shoulder a bit of time to recover.

So anyway state titles are being held at Rocksports at Logan. It's a super cool wall and I'm psyched a comp is being held there. I think its been many many years since the last. These comps are for EVERYONE. There's a category for every ability. If you climb up to 20 get into Open C, up to 25 Open B and 26+ get into Open A. There's also all the junior categories. The comps are really friendly and everyone is there to cheer you on. If you don't feel up to competing come down and have a look. It's always fun!!

On another note. I'm buying my Rocklands ticket today!!!! Super psyched. Heading over for a month, maybe more, in July with Tara, Matty and Pat. I've been watching heaps of climbing vids lately that feature Rocklands. One that I've now watched 24 times is Orange Crush. It's a really good 30min vid all on the Rocklands. It costs $5 and it may well be the best $5 you'll ever spend.

Here's the trailer

And one last thing. Urban climbing now has a sweet training facility. There's 9 hangboards a proper campus board and a system board will be in soon!!! It shall be sweet.

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