Kitten Mittens Project

Kitten Mittens Project

Sunday, June 19, 2011

oh so close

I've been working on The Singularity for 5 days now and on the weekend I came close to doing it. I figured out the subtleties of the crux and managed to stick the stab to the 1/3 pad slopey crimp for 2-3 seconds before peeling off. From the crimp you through out to a good pinch then make an easy deadpoint to the victory juggy sloper then 18 climbing to the top. I'm heading out tomorrow with Lee for one last go before heading off to Rocklands. It'll be my last go for 7 weeks =(.

Lee is looking close to doing his project as well. It's a new route linking Beautiful Thing, 28 and Schadenfruede, 31. He is dancing through it until the last hard moves at the top where he has a melting moment. It's going to be one of QLD hardest routes, Lee saying it's at least a grade harder then Schanden. It'll sit at at least 32, Schanden being at the bottom of the 31 grade.

So Lee and I are heading out with projects we both really want to do. Should be a good day out!!!

Here's a vid Lee made the other week of how my skin is going.

Gimme Some Skin from Upskill Climbing on Vimeo.

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