Kitten Mittens Project

Kitten Mittens Project

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Is this it??

First for 2012, and if you want to buy into the crap, this could very well be the last year of your life!!!! OMG!! The world is going to end!! It really won’t. Or will it? If it is you’d better make the most of it. Live everyday like it’s your last or whatever other clich├ęs you can think of that gets you pulling your finger out and starting to have fun in life.

It’s been a bit of a cruisey start to the year. Had a nice chill out before getting serious. I’ve done a few cool routes since last time though, onsighted Hairline 2000 (which was rad), flashed Sea Air which climbs slightly better then it looks and also redpointed Equaliser, Returnity, August 1914, Mississippi Moonshine, Mr Universe, Temptation and Mr Carpet Burn. It’s been fun working through these routes and getting more of a taste of the bluies. There’s also a few projects I’ve thrown myself at. Mechanical Animals is still there, but I haven’t been on it for a few weeks. I’m psyched for it, but after putting on almost 3 kgs at xmas I haven’t exactly felt up to it. Mr Tickle at DF is another I’ve been keen on. I’ve had 3 days on it now and on the 3rd day came off holding the crux crimping trying to reset. From there its easy to the top. Devastating but it’s hard to complain about a highpoint. I feel like I’ve had good progress on this route. First day after about an hour of throwing myself at the crux move I think I stuck it twice. I can now do it almost every time, but not on link =(.

Apart from climbing I’ve been getting psyched on slacklining of late. We’ve been setting a few up in the spare lot next door, including one that went about 20m. After a couple falls I walked it a few times and managed to go back and forth once. Jay, Lucy (who apparently are now a couple so I’ll refer to them as Jucy, a tasteful combination of their two names haha), a few young fellers and I headed out to dam cliffs the other week and tried to set a line out there. Initially we tried to set the longest walk first but after swimming across, we worked out our 45m line was too short!! Settling for a shorter walk we set one up but it failed miserably as we couldn’t tighten it enough. After this miserable weather that’s been hanging around the mtns for the last couple of weeks clears, I’m headed back out with a plan for the biggy. It’s about 5m off the water and the full length of our 45m line. It’ll be tricky, but uber rad to try.

As I said the weather here has been horrendous lately and according to the reports, doesn’t look like easing up. It’s a good training motivator though. I’ve started to do some campusing and hangboarding, although I have no real idea what I’m doing most of the time, it feels like its working. Either that or it could be all the coffee I’ve been drinking lately =s.

Anyway enough said. Time to get something done. And remember, we might only have less then 11 months left to live!!!